Coaching sessions with Madaleine prioritize mental fitness, emotional awareness, as well as the movement and technical skills to improve as a climber.  A trend in climbing is to emphasize physical strength as the means to improve as a climber. Madaleine brings both a playful and fierce mindset to climbing performance and aims to take a more holistic approach in her coaching, supporting climbers to use their existing strength efficiently throughout a climb, as well as improving the climber’s attention on the task at hand and their ability to commit throughout a series of difficult moves or above the last piece of protection.

Sessions range from an hour in the gym to a single day out to a progression of days or an ongoing basis. Sport and trad climbers at all ability levels are welcome to work with Madaleine.  Additionally, she works with partners and couples to strengthen the existing partnership in areas such as communication and support, trust with lead falling and catching, efficiency and goal setting.

Performance Coaching Involves:

  • Lead confidence; climbing with commitment (above your bolt or gear)
  • Focusing attention on the task-at-hand
  • Managing energy throughout a single pitch
  • Redpointing or Onsighting skills refinement
  • Working with fear or other distracting thoughts and feelings
  • Falling practice
  • Risk taking: selecting appropriate objectives and making sound decisions

Technical Coaching Involves:

  • Multi-pitch systems and efficiency
  • Big Wall Free or Aid Climbing Tips and Systems Practice
  • Sport or Trad climbing safely
  • Building Sound Traditional Anchors
  • Self-Rescue